It By Giving & Sharing That One Genrates Prosperity Karma & inherits The Kingdom. The is One of The Secrets  of Having Good Furtune and Wealth”  _Master Choa Kok Sui-

Child Education
(Project Co-Ordinator: Hanna Khanna)
    1. Education is the foundation of a child`s a child future well-being and birth right of every soul who has taken birth it help to shape the society which ultimately leads to the development of a particular society and country. The benefits of education qre both personal and societal which result is greater sense of discipline, wisdom, better communication and understanding the life on a different platform. Education can lead to more accurate health belief and knowledge and better Life style choice. Education can bring about the balance on the mother earth by producing the great leaders who can help mother earth heal and alleviate the sufferings of humanity. The MCKS Food of r The Hungry Foundation Punjab takes care of the financial support to the children for their education including tuition fee, books, stationery, school dresses etc. We encourage to pay directly to the education organization.

Food For Hungry Project

 (Project Co-Ordinator: Hanna Khanna)

Bone cancer treatment requires highly specialized training for orthopedic surgeons. There are very few Bone cancer specialists (Orthopedic Oncologists) in every state of India. The initiative to help bone cancer patients has been taken for the first time by an orthopedic surgeon Dr. R.R Saggar, who happens to be working in Punjab.

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