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Bone Cancer Project
Project Co-ordinator: (Dr.R.R.Saggar )
    1. Bone cancer is one of the rare cancers. However due to huge population of India, the relative disease burden of this kind of cancer is very high.
    2. Bone cancer can be cured id diagnosed and treated early, Many patients are unable to get their treatment done due to lack of funds. So they waste lot of time in collecting funds as a result of which they land up in curable bone cancer.
    3. Primary bone cancer usally occurs in young children between the age group of 10-30 years of age. It is big cause of stress for the parents to see their young child having this dreadful disease during his/her crucial years of life.
    4. If these children and adults get their treatment done early, they can play a very useful role in the society.
Why Punjab?
  • Bone cancer treatment requires highly specialized training for orthopedic surgeons. There are very few Bone cancer specialists (Orthopedic Oncologists) in every state of India. The initiative to help bone cancer patients has been taken for the first time by an orthopedic surgeon Dr. R.R Saggar, who happens to be working in Punjab.
Why Donate For Bone Cancer?
  • Bone cancer usually affects young children and adults. Your financial help will allow them to get their treatment early and get cured of disease. It significantly lessens the burden of family.

How You Donations Will Be Utilized?

  • This bone cancer project is to support bone cancer patients for their surgical management. This hospital does subsidize the bills, however still these needly patients need funds to get their surgery done. Whatever investigations, medicines and highly subsidized cost of surgery required by the bone cancer patient is born by MCKS Food for the  Hungry foundation, Punjab.

How Can Bone Cancer Patients of Other State be Helped

  • Since this project has been recently started in May 2021, we have focused for Punjab patients. However, as the donations increase we will co-ordinate with other states for bone cancer services in future.

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