“You Are Not Karmically Entitled To

Delelop Unless You Help Others Develop”

Go Green Project
(Project Co-Ordinator: Shaveta Chopra)
  • Go Green Punjab is an endeavour to make our environment clean and healthy. This project is being is carried out in two ways. As per our Master Choa Kok Sui, everything we do has two aspects, Yin and yang, shiva and shakti, Feminine and masculine, cleansing and energizing. Same way to save our planet, this project is alos categorized into two sub heads:

           1.Trees for Life

    1. Minimize the use of plastics

    Started this project I April 2021 where Trees were planted in different places in and around Jalandhar. We at MCKS Food For Hungry Foundation Punjab aim at planting 5000 trees till March 2024 pan Punjab. Different projects will be dine to create Awareness to minimize the use of plastics in 2023. Let`s all join hands to make this planet a greener, clearner place to live.

    Minimize the use of plastics

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