Women Hygiene Project

WOMEN HYGIENE PROJECT (Project Co-Ordinator: Ms.Tarvinder jeet Kaur) According to the World Health Organization, Sadly, in India 16% of women in Inda have privilege of using sanitary nopkin. 82% of females the still are lacking awareness about sanitary nopkin. Sadly, even well educated women are unaware of healthy hygiene practices during their periods. Poor menstrual hygiene leads to a major risk of putting women to various illness. Due to the coronavirus situation, an unfortunate shortage in the number of sanitary pads is seen in India. Rural and Semi-urban areas are the worst hit due to this pandemic crisis. It is the responsibility of NGOs and social organization and concern of business houses with the help of CSR to maintain proper menstrual hygiene management. At MCKS Food for The Hungary Foundation Punjab, we are committed to ensure that women are not deprived of basic amenities during their most crucial days. Addressing menstrual hygiene at schools & workplaces is our main focus. Our Mission is to stress Clean environment Access to sanitary products Menstrual waste disposal We require donations to setup sanitary distribution machine in every senior secondary school in Punjab and are looking for help for the same from distributors/business houses/NGOs help us to make women hygiene a success in our state of Punjab.